First Impression

First Love, as the name implies, is a love-themed slot game that takes place in a high school classroom. For an adult slot game, First Love comes off as a visually appealing game to everyone’s surprise. Its command bar is placed handily to the side of the screen, allowing players to operate the game with simplicity and convenience. In addition, there is music that will keep you engaged while you play through the rest of the game. Player’s can easily load and play the game since the images have been produced flawlessly, allowing them to enjoy themselves.

Volatility and Win Rate

Those looking for a slot with a medium level of volatility need go no farther than First Love slot. It will pay out on a consistent basis between spins, but you must be patient in order to reap the large rewards. When you play First Love, you will have 243 ways to win, which means that you will have several possibilities to form a winning combination with each spin. A large payout will be reward if the player manages to form a combination using five of these symbols.



Whenever you load First Love, you will engage with a variety of characters, which adds to the game’s excitement and enjoyment of the experience. Characters such as fragrances, magazines, condoms, smartphones, and love notes may be found within the collection. These symbols represent the regular paying icons in the slot and will provide a variety of rewards based on the icon and the number of times the symbol appears matched on a payline throughout the game’s gameplay. In the event that you match five of these symbols, you will receive a maximum reward of up to 600 coins, while matching three of these symbols will result in a minimum payout of up to 10 coins. 


How to Play

The generic card icons A, K, Q, and J are included in the second set of characters. All of these symbols represent the game’s low-paying icons, and each one will result in a different reward depending on how many times it appears on a payline. Matching a combo with five of these symbols will net the player a maximum reward of up to 60 coins, whereas forming a combo of three will result in a minimum payout. First and foremost, you must use the command bar to choose your preferred stake amount before you can begin redeeming the rewards contained within this slot.


Bonus Features


In First Love, you will be awarded a wild card, a scatter symbol, and free spins upon landing on the reels. The wild card is represented by a lovely young lady who will assist you in completing winning combos. It will act as a substitute for all other symbols in the slot machine, with the exception of the scatter symbols. As an added bonus, there is the hentai wild feature, in which up to two wild reels will emerge on reels 2, 3 or 4, resulting in guaranteed winnings. Finally, the awarded free games are played with a multiplier of up to ten times.



First Love is advised for all players, regardless of whether they are beginners or seasoned pros. If you’re not here for the sexual content, you might as well try the game as well for it’s entertaining gameplay. You can play First Love immediately with Mega888 after signing up for an account.