BDSM aesthetics and adult material are the themes of Taboo slots, a slot game that you can find at Mega888. It is an online video slot using a bunch of taboo adult content as their theme, and it makes an effective slots game. The game is based on roleplaying, sprinkled with naughty elements suitable only for adults, including bondage and submission. With a game like this, not only will you be able to watch all these naughty things unfold, you may also even gain 400 times your initial bet while also experiencing the desire and passion. A leather headboard is used to display game icons. Taboo is a game that was first introduced in our online casino in February last year.

Taboo slots mechanics

You would be able to see black heels, a collar, leather cuffs, a paddle and whip, handcuffs, and the letters B, D, S, and M as well as the numbers 1, 2, and 3 on the game’s icons. Whenever you win a game, you will be able to witness a lady in heels walking or a woman in handcuffs starting to move. Even the letters themselves would be a sight to behold, and the slot’s music is quite sensuous, complete with sexual whispering.

Taboo slots design

Minors be warned, this is a game that is dark and provocative, it is both out of the ordinary and extremely passionate. A slew of other adjectives may be used to characterise this 5-reel, 3-row, 25-line Taboo slot machine, which defies all established norms and conventions. Because there are no restrictions in the online Taboo slot, you will be free to indulge in all of your needs and passions without restriction.

Taboo slots symbols

During the main game of this adult-themed slot, you will encounter a variety of symbols that are inspired by the BDSM community, and the Scatter symbol is the one you should be expecting to see appear on the reels of the game. A special wheel known as the Triskele Wheel will appear when three scatter symbols show up on screen. Each area on the wheel has its own multiplier, and you have three chances to try to get the most out of each one by spinning the wheel.

Taboo slots bonus

The RED ROOM, the second bonus game, can only be accessible by spinning the TRISKELE WHEEL on the bottom of the screen. This bonus game is a choose game with five stages, and it contains the best variety of BDSM toys available. You must, however, choose your toys carefully since you only have 5 options to choose from, and if your selection is not marked as favorite, the red NO sign will detain you, and you will not receive any prizes for the current level.

Taboo slots payout

This slot machine has five reels and twenty-five paylines. The smallest wager in the game is one credit, while the highest stake is two hundred and fifty credits. The Taboo slots is so popular because it boasts a total RTP of up to 96%. There are settings such as Autoplay accessible, which let you to set the parameters and have the reels spin automatically for a predetermined number of times. There is also a Turbo option available. In the event that you choose this option, your reels will spin at a higher rate than they would normally.