With such large rewards, it’s no surprise that slot machines have long been a game of cat and mouse between cheaters and the house. Today we’ll examine all the tricky techniques used by cheating professionals to beat the house in a cunning, somewhat simple, and oftentimes grand fashion.



Gambling regulators guarantee that the gambling business operates properly and fairly. Slot games are often monitored and verified, making it impossible to hack. However, an engineer known as Ronald Dale Harris had done the impossible and became the most infamous slot master in history. He deceived machines for years. The scam was discovered after his partner won $100,000 on keno in 1995.


Shred Coins

This shaved coin hoax is no longer active, however it is interesting to know about. Eventually, slot machines used a light sensor to detect payment. Many machines used an optical sensor instead of a physical comparator. It means a shaved coin sent down with an object matching the form and size of the appropriate stake coin is returned while the other thing enters the machine and starts playing.


Faux Coins

Throughout history, phony coins were used to cheat at slots. A cheater known only as “the coin” (real name is Louis) used fake coins to deceive casinos for years, but he eventually got found out and arrested in the 90s.



The magnetic slot machine cheat is pretty famous as a magnetic wave can scramble the signals inside a slot machine and confuse it — though this technique is no longer usable in modern slot games. The technique here is done by placing a powerful magnet close to the slot machine, this will allow the player to manipulate the reels and form a winning combination manually. 



An actual yoyo is not involved in this cheat, instead, a coin attached to a string is used. This coin yo-yo is then dropped into the machine until the game begins. The advancement of technology has rendered this approach obsolete. But it’s a classic that might have resulted in a massive win.


LED Wand


Tommy Glenn Carmichael is a known slot cheater. He controls the light wand and would use his light wand to make jackpot winners materialize out of thin air. The laser wand would effectively blind the optical sensor on slot machines, preventing them from knowing when or how much to pay out. To his advantage, Carmichael could transform tiny victories into large rewards.

Piano Wire


This is a tried and true slot hack. An Atlantic City gang of guys worked together at the Caesars Boardwalk Regency in 1982. He unlocked the slot machine and linked 20-inch piano wires to the churning inner workings. The cables might then be used to disable the wheel rotation clock, allowing the gang to control the spins. They won $50,000, however their whole swindle was videotaped, and the winning player was caught before leaving the premises.




This was a common way of slot cheating in the 1970s and 1980s. They utilized a two-part tool which is a metal rod bent into a Q shape and a long wire. This cheat is done by inserting the metal rod into the coin chute, and then squeeze the long wire into the coin slot, the purpose here is to jam the machine, causing it to dispense rewards without prejudice.

Bill Validator

A simple yet efficient slot hack. In truth, it’s merely a small gadget wrapped around a bill to mislead the slot machine into believing it’s a $100 note.


Replace computer chip


Dennis Nikrasch’s innovation transformed the slots cheating game. He bought a slot machine and fooled around with it in his garage. He discovered that the machines’ computer chips could be altered to pay out prizes on demand. Nikrasch bought a handful of these chips, recruited a bunch of scammers, grabbed a bunch of slot machine keys, and launched a years-long scamming spree. And he accomplished it all by swapping independent chips with controlled chips.

Software Bug


A software error message on a computer screen. Cheats have been exploiting software bugs for decades. With a precise set of stakes and games, players may fool the machine and win the jackpot. Many slot cheaters have benefitted from this, but now many jackpot winners are being refused their prizes.


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