With 15 paylines and 5 reels, Kung Fu Monkey is a fun video game from Microgaming that will keep you entertained. Its plot revolves around a highly talented monkey who has totally mastered the art of combat. What makes this slot unique is that it features a compelling tale that will undoubtedly have your attention throughout. At the start of the game, there is an introductory film that depicts the main character roaming about the streets of Chinatown. A scene in the film depicts how he comes face to face with six nasty apes who have kidnapped a young monkey. The visuals in this slot are also top-notch, and all of the symbols that appear on the reels are directly related to the game’s overall concept.


Kung Fu Monkey Slots wager

The most amount of money you can wager on a single spin of Kung Fu Monkey is €150, while the least amount you may wager is as little as €0.15. You may select from a variety of coin denominations ranging from €0.01 to €0.50 in value. As an additional feature, you have the option of inserting virtually up to 20 coins, the number of which can be changed by pressing the corresponding button, which is situated at the bottom of screen, below the reels.

Kung Fu Monkey Slots symbols

There are three unique symbols in this slot — two different sorts of scatters and one wild element. The latter shows the Kung Fu Monkey emblem and may be used to replace virtually any symbols, with the exception of the other two unique components, in almost any situation. The scatter sign depicts either a typical Chinese gong. Getting two unique symbols at once will activate a bonus feature. The Chinese gong scatter are only limited to the first and fifth reels within the slot game, whilst the Chinatown scatter appears only on the second, third, and fourth reels of the game, respectively.


Kung Fu Monkey Slots Theme

All of the symbols that appear on the reels are associated with the slot game’s main theme, which is martial arts. Theme related icons to be found in Kung Fu Monkey slots come in abundance in this game, they include Karate monkey, a baby monkey, a female monkey, a Ninja monkey, a baboon,  et cetera – With each winning combination you build, the symbols associated with it come to life, making the game extremely lively and upbeat to play.


Kung Fu Monkey is a fantastic video slot with a fantastic concept, stunning visuals, and smooth animations that will keep you entertained for hours, it’s available to play exclusively at Mega888. The game provides tons of interesting elements, which are not only very amusing but also beneficial to the players that participate. You may win some fantastic cash rewards as a result of their efforts, making it worthwhile to play this slot machine.