How infamous cheaters tried to cheat at slot games (and almost gotten away with it)

With such large rewards, it’s no surprise that slot machines have long been a game of cat and mouse between cheaters and the house. Today we’ll examine all the tricky techniques used by cheating professionals to beat the house in a cunning, somewhat simple, and oftentimes grand fashion.



Gambling regulators guarantee that the gambling business operates properly and fairly. Slot games are often monitored and verified, making it impossible to hack. However, an engineer known as Ronald Dale Harris had done the impossible and became the most infamous slot master in history. He deceived machines for years. The scam was discovered after his partner won $100,000 on keno in 1995.


Shred Coins

This shaved coin hoax is no longer active, however it is interesting to know about. Eventually, slot machines used a light sensor to detect payment. Many machines used an optical sensor instead of a physical comparator. It means a shaved coin sent down with an object matching the form and size of the appropriate stake coin is returned while the other thing enters the machine and starts playing.


Faux Coins

Throughout history, phony coins were used to cheat at slots. A cheater known only as “the coin” (real name is Louis) used fake coins to deceive casinos for years, but he eventually got found out and arrested in the 90s.



The magnetic slot machine cheat is pretty famous as a magnetic wave can scramble the signals inside a slot machine and confuse it — though this technique is no longer usable in modern slot games. The technique here is done by placing a powerful magnet close to the slot machine, this will allow the player to manipulate the reels and form a winning combination manually. 



An actual yoyo is not involved in this cheat, instead, a coin attached to a string is used. This coin yo-yo is then dropped into the machine until the game begins. The advancement of technology has rendered this approach obsolete. But it’s a classic that might have resulted in a massive win.


LED Wand


Tommy Glenn Carmichael is a known slot cheater. He controls the light wand and would use his light wand to make jackpot winners materialize out of thin air. The laser wand would effectively blind the optical sensor on slot machines, preventing them from knowing when or how much to pay out. To his advantage, Carmichael could transform tiny victories into large rewards.

Piano Wire


This is a tried and true slot hack. An Atlantic City gang of guys worked together at the Caesars Boardwalk Regency in 1982. He unlocked the slot machine and linked 20-inch piano wires to the churning inner workings. The cables might then be used to disable the wheel rotation clock, allowing the gang to control the spins. They won $50,000, however their whole swindle was videotaped, and the winning player was caught before leaving the premises.




This was a common way of slot cheating in the 1970s and 1980s. They utilized a two-part tool which is a metal rod bent into a Q shape and a long wire. This cheat is done by inserting the metal rod into the coin chute, and then squeeze the long wire into the coin slot, the purpose here is to jam the machine, causing it to dispense rewards without prejudice.

Bill Validator

A simple yet efficient slot hack. In truth, it’s merely a small gadget wrapped around a bill to mislead the slot machine into believing it’s a $100 note.


Replace computer chip


Dennis Nikrasch’s innovation transformed the slots cheating game. He bought a slot machine and fooled around with it in his garage. He discovered that the machines’ computer chips could be altered to pay out prizes on demand. Nikrasch bought a handful of these chips, recruited a bunch of scammers, grabbed a bunch of slot machine keys, and launched a years-long scamming spree. And he accomplished it all by swapping independent chips with controlled chips.

Software Bug


A software error message on a computer screen. Cheats have been exploiting software bugs for decades. With a precise set of stakes and games, players may fool the machine and win the jackpot. Many slot cheaters have benefitted from this, but now many jackpot winners are being refused their prizes.


Readers be warned not to try out these cheats at Mega888, Mega888 is an online casino that does not tolerate cheating, scamming and exploitation as it ruins the fun for everyone!


The relationship between music and slots — a Mega888 study

When it comes to online slot games at Mega888, one of the most intriguing aspects is the huge variety of themes available, which means that the potential for unique games is virtually limitless. Any topic that designers and developers may envision can be incorporated into a game. The familiarity of the gameplay is typically increased by the additional features that are associated with the theme.


The moment slot games go digital 

The movement from physical to online for slot games had happened subtly. It did not occur overnight, instead, the mechanical to digital change shifted alongside the progress of technology. Now, we can even have virtual slot games, though not yet commercialized. Since the introduction of computers into the general public, gaming has evolved to reproduce a variety of popular games in digital format, including slots, which have become considerably more diverse as a result.


Why are soundtracks in slot games so important?


Everything about slot games at Mega888 remains consistent, with luck and skill being combined in nearly equal measure to ensure that everyone has an equal chance of winning. Experienced gamers that have played a ton of online slot games can tell you a number of factors that they look for when deciding which online slot game to play, one of which is an outstanding soundtrack. Yes, the soundtrack actually plays an important role when it comes to factors that decide whether an online slot game is worth playing or not. A good soundtrack attracts more players, it sets the mood, soothes the soul, and it keeps the blood pumping — depending on what genre your slot game is in. 


Musicians and slot games


While there are some characteristics that most musicians have, there aren’t many who have chosen a career in music only for the purpose of being included in a slot game. Some music-themed slots, on the other hand, have captured the imaginations of players and music enthusiasts alike due to the incorporation of prominent cultural allusions by game designers into their work.


Music and developers

After thorough market survey and research, slot designers have discovered the factors that make certain games more playable than others, and surprise: it’s music. Slot game developers are continually attempting to make their games entertaining and appealing to a broad audience. Movies, vintage games, television, and music are some of the themes covered. As seen by the hundreds of songs about playing cards, rolling dice, and spinning roulette wheels, casinos and music have long been closely associated with one another.


Innovation and Inspiration

As a result, it should come as no surprise that technological improvements have always served as sources of inspiration for both gaming and music, with inventive game designers bringing them all together. As online slots have grown in popularity throughout the world, producers have gained a greater understanding of how players interact with their games, and those that incorporate music from some of their players’ favorite artists have a strong appeal to them.


If you want to learn more about slot games, follow our articles as we explore the psychological aspects of online casinos. To play high quality online slot games, sign up for an account at Mega888 now.


Learn how to spot the differences between a licensed online casino and an unlicensed online casino

In today’s world, there are hundreds of regulated and unregistered casinos on the Internet, each offering a unique variety of gambling options to visitors. A gaming licence is a legal document that validates the lawful conduct of a gaming business and provides players with financial stability, high-quality services, and secure software in exchange for their money. A scanned copy of the licence is made available on the official websites of licenced establishments, as you can see at the Mega888 official site. This is so that all mega888 players may verify it by visiting our official website. 


The fundamental differences between licenced and unlicenced institutions will be discussed today, as well as the dangers that clients face. 

The Most Significant Distinctions Between Licensed and Unlicensed Casinos


First and first, it is important to note that the finest online casino for you will be the one that has a legal licence in your jurisdiction. Unlicensed institutions do not guarantee the payout of winnings to its patrons, but licensed establishments do. It is much more difficult to win on fraudulent websites since their owners might illegally influence the random number generator. This RNG is responsible for the distribution of reward combinations at random, therefore it indicates the fairness of the game provided by an online casino. 

Why is being a licensed online casino so important?


It is impossible for an operator to change the underlying mechanics of games or to control the chances of winning in a regulated establishment. Their actions are rigorously monitored and overseen by independent auditors appointed by the appropriate authority. Copies of their inspection reports, as well as the findings of their inspections, are available on the websites of the platform and the regulator.


The Most Popular Jurisdictions in the World

The owner of a casino must successfully complete a controlled verification procedure in order to get a document proving the lawful operations of the casino. For example, Gibraltar imposes a one-percent gaming tax, and the operator is required to authenticate its clients and maintain the confidentiality of data pertaining to their claims, whereas in Denmark, permits are granted for a maximum of five years.

Steps in acquiring an online casino license

Initially, the appropriateness of a corporation for the management of a gaming platform is determined. An examination of the founders’ component documents, office, and in certain circumstances their fingerprints is carried out by the regulator. It is also reviewed to see if the business strategy of an online casino is compatible with the long-term functioning of the online casino. For example, Mega888’s objectives, organisational structure, profitable business model, software overview, marketing and sales plan, balance sheets, information on financing sources and the distribution of cash to shareholders were all examined by a licensing organization before the license can be issued. As a result, after passing all of the aforementioned steps, Mega888 has proven to be more than willing to operate in accordance with the law.


Customers may be confident in the dependability, honesty, and safety of a licensed casino such as Mega888. A license is not only a license as it also implies that the operation of the random number generator, the quality of the software, and the level of service of a reputable online casino are all examined, verified and authorized by a licensing organization. So be sure to read this paper before you start playing at any online casino, and good luck. Continue reading

18+ slot game | First love at Mega888

First Impression

First Love, as the name implies, is a love-themed slot game that takes place in a high school classroom. For an adult slot game, First Love comes off as a visually appealing game to everyone’s surprise. Its command bar is placed handily to the side of the screen, allowing players to operate the game with simplicity and convenience. In addition, there is music that will keep you engaged while you play through the rest of the game. Player’s can easily load and play the game since the images have been produced flawlessly, allowing them to enjoy themselves.

Volatility and Win Rate

Those looking for a slot with a medium level of volatility need go no farther than First Love slot. It will pay out on a consistent basis between spins, but you must be patient in order to reap the large rewards. When you play First Love, you will have 243 ways to win, which means that you will have several possibilities to form a winning combination with each spin. A large payout will be reward if the player manages to form a combination using five of these symbols.



Whenever you load First Love, you will engage with a variety of characters, which adds to the game’s excitement and enjoyment of the experience. Characters such as fragrances, magazines, condoms, smartphones, and love notes may be found within the collection. These symbols represent the regular paying icons in the slot and will provide a variety of rewards based on the icon and the number of times the symbol appears matched on a payline throughout the game’s gameplay. In the event that you match five of these symbols, you will receive a maximum reward of up to 600 coins, while matching three of these symbols will result in a minimum payout of up to 10 coins. 


How to Play

The generic card icons A, K, Q, and J are included in the second set of characters. All of these symbols represent the game’s low-paying icons, and each one will result in a different reward depending on how many times it appears on a payline. Matching a combo with five of these symbols will net the player a maximum reward of up to 60 coins, whereas forming a combo of three will result in a minimum payout. First and foremost, you must use the command bar to choose your preferred stake amount before you can begin redeeming the rewards contained within this slot.


Bonus Features


In First Love, you will be awarded a wild card, a scatter symbol, and free spins upon landing on the reels. The wild card is represented by a lovely young lady who will assist you in completing winning combos. It will act as a substitute for all other symbols in the slot machine, with the exception of the scatter symbols. As an added bonus, there is the hentai wild feature, in which up to two wild reels will emerge on reels 2, 3 or 4, resulting in guaranteed winnings. Finally, the awarded free games are played with a multiplier of up to ten times.



First Love is advised for all players, regardless of whether they are beginners or seasoned pros. If you’re not here for the sexual content, you might as well try the game as well for it’s entertaining gameplay. You can play First Love immediately with Mega888 after signing up for an account.

Why you should definitely check out this new Jimi Hendrix slot game at Mega888

A video slot with five reels and twenty paylines, Jimi Hendrix is powered by Net Entertainment software. Introducing Jimi Hendrix, one of the greatest rock icons of all time, as the inspiration for this new role. The entire slot is painted in pastels, and the reels are situated against an open stage against a backdrop of lush greenery. It goes without saying that the music playing in the background includes some of Hendrix’s most well-known tunes. Give this game a try for free right here, or head over to any of the NetEnt Casinos if you want to try your luck for real money.


How to play

You must first place your bets in this slot before you can begin to rock it. To change the coin denominations, use the arrows in the “Coin Value” section to move the coins from 0.01 to 1. The quantity of coins displayed on each line may be customized in the “Level” tab. Using the “Spin” button, which is symbolized by two circular arrows, you may start the reels spinning. Using the “Autoplay” button, you can have the reels spin automatically for a certain number of times without interruption.


Wild symbols

Aside from the Scatter sign, Jimi Hendrix himself serves as the Wild symbol in the game, and he may be used to replace any other symbol in the game save for the Scatter. Additionally, the symbol can form winning combinations on its own. You will receive 400 coins if you can get 5 of these on an active pay-line.


Bonus purple haze feature

You will be sent to the Purple Haze feature if the purple haze icon appears on the first reel of the game. When this occurs, low-paying symbols like the 10, J, Q, K, and A will be transformed into the Wild symbol for the duration of that particular spin. After the Wild transformation has taken place, the Purple Haze symbol appears on reel 1 and functions as the Wild.


Red Guitar bonuses

During the main game, if you manage to land four or more Red Guitar symbols anywhere on the reels, you will be awarded with the Red Guitar re-spin bonus. Once the reels have re-spun once, any further guitar symbols on the reels will re-trigger the re-spin feature, which will cause the reels to re-spin once more. A round of the feature is over when there are no more Red Guitar symbols on the reels.

Scatter symbol

Jimi strumming the guitar is the Scatter symbol, and it appears on the third, fourth, and fifth reels of the game. When you land three or more of these symbols on the reels, the Pick and Click feature will be activated. 


There are three other distinct rewards available other than a coin win in this feature, they are listed as follows:

Crosstown Traffic Free Spins

This will give you 6 free spins and Wild Reels that will appear on a different reel for each spin during the game. This feature starts on the fifth reel and then moves to the fourth and fifth reels on the third spin. On the fourth spin, it moves to the reels 3 and 4, then to the reels 2 and 3, on the fifth spin, it moves to the reels 1 and 2, and on the final spin, it moves to the reel 1.

Purple Haze Free Spins 

This is a slot machine that awards between 6 and 12 free spins. A Wild symbol will appear during these spins, replacing the low-paying symbols. The Wild symbol will remain in place during this round.

Little Wing Free Spins

Activating Little Wing Free Spins will provide you with anywhere between 6 and 12 spins, as well as between 3 and 5 overlay Wilds that will show randomly on the reels for each spin.


You can sign up at 918kiss and start playing the Jimi Hendrix slot game today, signing up for an account at 918kiss is simple and easy, it won’t take more than 5 minutes!


How to Play Dragon Maiden -Mega888

Who does not love dragons? From Lord of the Rings to Game of Thrones, dragons have always been a fascinating subject to discuss. The mythical creature is one of the most beloved legend of the internet, and sure enough, Mega888 is dedicated to bring you the latest dragon themed slot game — Maiden Dragon slot game. Maiden Dragon is an online slot game that has five reels and three rows, and there are 243 ways to win in the standard game, with the possibility of winning up to 7,776 ways in Golden Spins.

How to play Dragon Maiden

The reels of Dragon Maiden are positioned high on the screen, signalling the sky that used to be dominated by dragons in ancient legends. If you land three or more Dragons, the Free Spins feature will be activated. You can then extend the reels to receive your Golden Spins on a 56 reel grid with a total of 7,776 ways to win. Pay attention when the Dragon Maiden becomes berserk and causes the reels to go wild as well. There is also the iconic Dragon Maiden icon, which is the symbol that pays the most and that can also turn Wild on occasion.


Dragon Maiden mechanics

Dragon Maiden is a slot game with simple rules. The reels and combinations on Dragon Maiden are quite standard. It is sufficient to hit at least three matching symbols on neighbouring reels starting from the leftmost reel in order to earn a payment. Single spin wagers can be placed for as little as $0.20 or as much as $100. The slot game also comes with an autoplay function. The Dragon Scatter sign is an important feature of the game, and it is responsible for triggering free spins, respins, and Golden Spins. Aside from that, there are a number of high-value symbols, such as the necklace and the ring, while the lower-value icons are represented by card suits.

Free Spins

To activate free spins, you must land at least three Dragon Scatter symbols on the reels. If you manage to land only two Dragon Scatters on the reels, the Respin feature will be triggered. During the respin, all landed dragons will remain in position. If you land more Dragons during respins, you will be rewarded further respins, and all Dragons will be locked. As soon as there are no more respins left to be done, the Free Spins feature is activated. Land 3, 4, or 5 Dragons on the reels to receive 8, 10, or 12 free spins, respectively. 


Bonus Features

Every time you land a Dragon during the bonus feature, the reel carrying the Dragon will be expanded by one cell to the right. The goal is to make all five reels six cells high, which is the maximum number of cells available. This is possible with the help of additional Dragons on fully enlarged reels, which may result in up to 5 Golden Spins on a 56 reel grid with a total of 7,776 winning combinations. In addition, the Dragon Maiden Turns Wild feature, which may be activated at any time during the main game, is available. Every now and again, the Dragon Maiden will get Wild and will spread to encompass two cells or possibly the full reel, depending on the situation.



Playing Dragon Maiden is a guaranteed great time for online casino enthusiasts of all ages. Mega888 fully recommends that you check it out.The Golden Spins may be quite profitable if you manage to fully extend all of the reels during free spins, despite the fact that it is not always simple to do so. Sign up with Mega888 to play Dragon Maiden today.


Celebrate Chinese New Year with Mega888

The 2022 Lunar New Year is upon us and what is a better time of the year to play some truly high quality slot games at Mega888? At Mega888, you can find tons of entertaining slot games with exquisite themes referencing Chinese culture. All of Mega888 slot games are both intriguing and relatable. This year, we would recommend that you check out the latest trending chinese themed slot game — Rich Caishen slots.

Review of Rich Cai Shen slot game

Rich Cai Shen online slots  is based on the legend of Cai Shen, who is treasured as a symbol of riches in Chinese culture. This is a unique slot game that is rooted in the rich and diverse culture of China. What distinguishes this slot game from other Chinese-themed slot games is its outstanding game design. The slot game’s design and gameplay are distinct from those of other slot games. For starters, the slot game has a big variety of symbols on the reels, which keeps players fascinated throughout the game. 

Game Design 

In this slot game there will be a six by five reel with horizontal and vertical paylines totaling at 28 active lines. According to Microgaming — the developer, the slot game has a handgun that may turn into wilds up to 88 times in fortunate multipliers during the game’s bonus round. It has Chinese lanterns interwoven throughout it, as well as four distinct types of free spins for players to take advantage of.


Bonus Features

When you unlock and use the Cai Shen bonus symbol, you increase the amount of winning combinations that may be formed, which boosts your chances of winning. The bonus symbol can also appear up to three times on the reels, increasing your chances of winning. The sign, on the other hand, does not apply to columns that are next to one another. The Royals are the primary symbols in the slot game, and they represent the core emblems of the game.


Wild Symbols

Throughout the game players will spot a unique Cai Shen emblem. When this symbol, also known as a wild symbol, is combined with other symbols in the game, you can create a winning combination. The fact that the wild symbol applies to a random multiplier makes it all the more useful.


The slot game’s gaming design is based on HTML5 technology, which allows it to be played on any device other than a desktop computer. In addition, it includes a mobile-friendly version that is optimised for use on mobile devices. You may either check out the trial version, which is available at Mega888 for free, or you can elect to test out the real money version.



The Microgaming slot game has a vibrantly coloured theme that contains a diverse collection of symbols on the reels. There are a variety of symbols and reels that show on the screen, and the number of symbols and reels that appear varies based on the game level. Koi fish, red lanterns, red envelopes, firecrackers, and frogs are some of the typical characteristics that have been incorporated to complete the design of the slot game.



It is astonishing how Microgaming was able to blend the rich Chinese culture, as well as the God of Fortune, into the slot machine. It features an appealing design with excellent images that are situated in a dynamic environment. Apart from that, it has a number of amusing aspects, such as the Cai Shen sign. The slot machine’s gameplay is suitable for both novices and seasoned professionals. Try it out now at Mega888.


Mega888 slot games that are made based on the influences of rock stars, pop stars and various other musicians.

With themes ranging from rockers KISS and Guns N’ Roses to the king of pop, Michael Jackson, there is a slot machine to fit everyone’s musical preferences. For example, The King of Rock and Roll has been immortalized with a slot machine that plays his greatest hits as players keep track of the 60 paylines that are available in the game, you can find this game at the Mega888 slot game section. Indeed, many musicians, particularly from the era of heavy metal rock, have provided inspiration for slot themes. 

Jimi Hendrix

It shouldn’t be a surprise to spot this world renowned psychedelic guitarist as a guest appearance in the world of slot games. The Jimi Hendrix slot game is based on the music of one of the most iconic musicians of all time. Jimi Hendrix was renowned for his ability to innovate and alter the face of the music industry, and the slot machine dedicated to his memory includes some of his most popular tunes to further enhance the experience for visitors.



The heavy metal megastars Megadeth, whose singer Dave Mustaine appears as the Sticky Wild symbol in a slot game inspired on the band, may be familiar to rock enthusiasts from the 1990s. In addition to instruments, plectrums, and photos of each band member, the game contained a number of extra rounds in which gifts are offered by convicts according on the ones you pick during each round.



Because a lot of other bands’ images have appeared on the screens of online players, you could be forgiven for assuming that there was some sort of crossing between the worlds of rock and roll and the casino industry. Ace of Spades is a song written by British rockers Motorhead that is one of the most popular card-game inspired songs ever written. The music is included in Ace of Spades, a 5-reel slot game with 76 paylines and a genuinely stirring soundtrack that is sure to make any fan feel lucky.


DJ Wild


Those who enjoy dance music can also try their hand at other music-themed games, such as DJ Wild, a slot game that is centered on spinning turntables and mixing tracks. It is mirrored in the neon images and symbols that include decks, headphones, and a mixing desk, which not only give a thundering beat to play along to but also symbolize the electro dance music


Various pop artists.


Players who have ever participated in karaoke will recognise the familiar sights in the popular slot game Karaoke Party, which was released recently. Simple gameplay keeps players interested, and the slot is set in a karaoke bar, with karaoke-themed symbols such as groups of buddies singing and eager soloists attempting to reach a high note on the reels.



Due to the increasing accessibility of online gaming as well as advancements in technology such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence, slots are becoming more immersive, and music may play an important role in creating this immersive experience.


Regardless of your preferred musical style or the type of slot machine you want to play, there’s always an online slot at Mega888 that can suit everyone’s tastes and budget. The ability to access your favorite games at any time of day or night, as well as a veritable jukebox of sounds from which to choose, make Mega888 an excellent choice for those who enjoy playing their favorite games while listening to the best music available.


Fruit Tytcoon available only at Mega888 100% 20

Fruit Tycoon is a traditional fruit machine slot game that features five reels and three rows of symbols. With a five-by-three reel layout and five paylines, as well as a jackpot and gamble bonus, it is a popular slot machine. Traditional style fruit machines and easy-to-play slots that are not wholly dissimilar to a classic lever controlled slot are among the kind of games that you can find at Mega888 slots.


Why play Fruit Tycoon?

Fruit Tycoon maintains the integrity of high quality online slot games. It does not provide anything more than a straightforward design, nor does it provide a complicated tale and game concept, nor does it provide a spectacular 3D design. It keeps to the classics – masterpieces that have lasted for a reason and are still relevant today. Fruit Tycoon is a straightforward and straightforward five-by-three-reel slot with five paylines and traditional fruit machine icons. Lemons, cherries, watermelons, stars, and Lucky Sevens are some of the game symbols that players may achieve a winning combination using on the reels from left to right to form a winning combination.



The volatility of the game has yet to be calculated and remains relatively unknown on the internet, this is the same for the RTP of the game as well. However, there are a few extras that keep this from being a complete snooze fest, as follows. Wins from Scatter symbols, Mystery Jackpots, and a gamble feature are all available in Fruit Tycoon.


Free Demo

Players who have already experimented with and bet on the Sizzling Hot online slot will appreciate how traditional and straightforward the Fruit Tycoon slot is. As a fully free demo, you may check out the game and see what you think. Before deciding to play for real money at an online casino, it is advised that players take advantage of the free demo and learn the ins and outs of the game.



The layout of Fruit Tycoon should be familiar for all slot game players, which consists of a five-by-three grid placed against a plain coloured background. Everything that is required for play is there, and no further inventive elements are required. The only thing that players have are the reels, the cartoon symbols, and the spin buttons. Because of the aesthetics, the reel animations flow well since they are kept simple and uncomplicated throughout.



There is no soundtrack for this slot. There are some rudimentary sound effects for the reels that simulate the jingles, beeps, and chimes of a physical slot machine, but they are not as elaborate as they may be.

Bonus Features

Fruit Tycoon is a straightforward video slot with a limited number of bonus features to offer. The jackpot will change from diamond to platinum at random intervals during the game. This jackpot will be granted to a player at random if he or she receives a win. The greater the amount wagered, the greater the contribution to the possibility of winning the jackpot. After each victory, the player will be given the option to risk their winnings for up to double the amount of their original wager. The colour of a playing card – either red or black – must be predicted by the players. If they continue to select correctly, players will be given up to five guesses total. Up to two thousand times the initial win may be won in this round, making it the most lucrative round.

Play Kung Fu Monkey Slot at Mega888

With 15 paylines and 5 reels, Kung Fu Monkey is a fun video game from Microgaming that will keep you entertained. Its plot revolves around a highly talented monkey who has totally mastered the art of combat. What makes this slot unique is that it features a compelling tale that will undoubtedly have your attention throughout. At the start of the game, there is an introductory film that depicts the main character roaming about the streets of Chinatown. A scene in the film depicts how he comes face to face with six nasty apes who have kidnapped a young monkey. The visuals in this slot are also top-notch, and all of the symbols that appear on the reels are directly related to the game’s overall concept.


Kung Fu Monkey Slots wager

The most amount of money you can wager on a single spin of Kung Fu Monkey is €150, while the least amount you may wager is as little as €0.15. You may select from a variety of coin denominations ranging from €0.01 to €0.50 in value. As an additional feature, you have the option of inserting virtually up to 20 coins, the number of which can be changed by pressing the corresponding button, which is situated at the bottom of screen, below the reels.

Kung Fu Monkey Slots symbols

There are three unique symbols in this slot — two different sorts of scatters and one wild element. The latter shows the Kung Fu Monkey emblem and may be used to replace virtually any symbols, with the exception of the other two unique components, in almost any situation. The scatter sign depicts either a typical Chinese gong. Getting two unique symbols at once will activate a bonus feature. The Chinese gong scatter are only limited to the first and fifth reels within the slot game, whilst the Chinatown scatter appears only on the second, third, and fourth reels of the game, respectively.


Kung Fu Monkey Slots Theme

All of the symbols that appear on the reels are associated with the slot game’s main theme, which is martial arts. Theme related icons to be found in Kung Fu Monkey slots come in abundance in this game, they include Karate monkey, a baby monkey, a female monkey, a Ninja monkey, a baboon,  et cetera – With each winning combination you build, the symbols associated with it come to life, making the game extremely lively and upbeat to play.


Kung Fu Monkey is a fantastic video slot with a fantastic concept, stunning visuals, and smooth animations that will keep you entertained for hours, it’s available to play exclusively at Mega888. The game provides tons of interesting elements, which are not only very amusing but also beneficial to the players that participate. You may win some fantastic cash rewards as a result of their efforts, making it worthwhile to play this slot machine.


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